Private Hotel Transfer

Private Hotel Transfer

We are one of the best Private Hotel Transfer all Turkey. You can book our Private Hotel Transfer, corporate meetings, private tours or events in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. Private Hotel Transfer is an experience. More than just a driver, our chauffeurs are your personal concierge on wheels. We take extra care to cater to your preferences. With 24-hours notice, a chauffeur will be specifically assigned with your personality in mind. Upon arrival, he will greet you and help you into your luxury or standard car. Your favorite radio station is playing while you quench your thirst with mineral water or soft drink.








Private Hotel Transfer

One of the optional services we offer with our Meet and Assist Airport Services is a Private Hotel Transfer to or from the airport. This exclusive service extends the
efficiency and privacy offered as part of our bespoke airport services.

Our Private Hotel Transfer or car-and-driver service is booked by us on your behalf. The vehicle
will be for the private and exclusive use of yourself and your travel companions; we never co-
share our limousine transfer service with other clients.

We offer a wide choice of vehicles to suit your particular requirements. Whether you require a
multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) for up to 7 passengers, a van for bulky luggage and commercial
equipment, or a stretch limousine with minibar and space to stretch out and relax, we have
something to meet your needs perfectly. If you need more than one vehicle, we can also arrange
a fleet of cars and/or vans to accommodate you and your entourage.

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Private Hotel Transfer


Your VIP services starts the moment we pick you up in one of our new and luxurious vehicles – with a large selection of Mercedes,  Our professional and experienced chauffeur will drop you off at the dedicated VIP entrance. Your private lounge will allow you time to work, relax or enjoy time with your guests or loved ones.

From the sanctuary of the lounge all security procedures can be undertaken, meaning the only time you need to leave is when you need to board the aircraft. When this time arrives, you will be driven by your own private luxury vehicle straight to the aircraft.

We can arrange for a specialist to assist and process your VAT refund (if you are a non-TR citizen).


Private Hotel Transfer


Once the aircraft has landed one of our team will be on hand waiting as you disembark, ready to transfer you in complete luxury in one of our private executive vehicles to your private VIP lounge.

Whilst you relax and make yourself comfortable one of the team will assist with any immigration requirements. They will also ensure that your luggage is collected. Assistant will also take care of all your onward  transportation requirements – booking one of our luxury vehicles couldn’t be easier.


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Why Should I book Private Hotel Transfer?

Waiting around for public transport to arrive, after a long and tiring flight or just before going to the airport, is always stressful. Then there is the possibility that you will be overcharged by the regular street taxis just because you are a tourist. One of the most popular tricks is that you will be taken by a longer route via the city bypass to inflate the taxi fare. And unlike other taxis located at the Airport lobby, we do not charge a 10 EUR service fee just to make a booking.

To make sure you get the best airport transfer service – which you deserve – book your transfer with us. You can rest easy knowing that our chauffeur will be waiting to receive you – even if your flight is delayed or arrives early – and help you with your luggage as well. Even though our prices are fixed everywhere in the city.


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Why Book Private Hotel Transfers Through Us?

Travellers have a variety of transport options for transferring to and from their hotel, such as
using a hotel car service, a taxi or a private hire car. We are happy to work with clients, if this is
their preferred choice for transport beyond the airport terminal. However, there are several
benefits to consider when you include Private Hotel Transfer as part of your VIP Meet
and Assist Airport Service.

By including a chauffeur limousine when you book our VIP Meet and Assist Services, we can
control all aspects of your experience, from airbridge to ongoing transportation, and vice versa.
This assures you of a seamless transition without any delays, misunderstandings or hiccups, as
our on-the-ground team control everything from driver to greeter.

For example, in the event of heavy traffic causing a delay in your arrival at the airport, our
greeter will be in constant contact with the our known driver. They will both understand how our
service works and will coordinate with each other for a slick, secure service. This means that
when your car pulls up at Departures, your greeter will recognise the car and will be in position
to welcome you and assist you through the airport using our Fast Track services.

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Travel As VIP with Petroleum Aviation

No matter how large or small, unique or standard, rare or frequent your requirements are, Petroleum Aviation Meet and Greet service is the number one choice. To book your Airport Meet & Greet Service or to find our more information on the variety of services we provide please email us at and one of our dedicated and professional team will get back to you.

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Travel as a VIP with Petroleum Aviation

Petroleum Aviation‘As Directed’ luxury chauffeur service offers our customers the opportunity to have their own personal driver with one of our luxury cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book online or fill the request form . Also you can send email to

Prices for all our services are quoted per vehicle and not per person

The airport can be VERY crowded at times, therefore if you cannot see your driver please call contact numbers provided to you with confirmation.

All flight arrival times are checked with the airline. Should you arrive early or late (no matter how late!) there will still be a driver to meet you at no extra charge.

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Private Hotel Transfer

How to Get the Right Transfer Service?

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