Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter In Turkey

We offers yacht rental in Turkey – a unique country at the junction of Europe and Asia. Yacht charter in Turkey is extremely popular with Russian tourists today, especially in connection with the general demand for holidays in Turkey.  If you have any questions, please contact with us.


We offer to rent a gulet (or gulet) – a pleasure sailing motor yacht in the Turkish traditional style. Gulet rental is possible only with a team (usually a captain, 2-3 sailors and a cook), which does all the work. The length of such a yacht is from 18 to 35 meters, which is enough to comfortably accommodate 8-16 passengers. All cabins are equipped with double beds with spacious bathrooms. Renting a gulet guarantees guests an unforgettable sailing adventure!




One of the rising trends of recent years in the field of marine tourism is the rental of catamarans. At this point, we would like to emphasize that we offer you a professional service with our wide and luxurious catamaran fleet. Our expert staff works selflessly to ensure that you experience your holiday in the most ideal way.  We minimize the possibility of any kind of problems that may occur by performing up-to-date maintenance of our vehicles. You can use our catamaran rental services for a holiday that will exceed your expectations.


We provide vast variety of motor yachts for charter. On our options, you may find motor yacht, ranging from small open boats up to 50 feet long yachts for bareboat charter and to an expensive luxury motor yachts, with professional team on board. Motor yacht is ideal for those who love comfort and speed.





By renting a private yacht, your holidays will be filled with unforgettable memories with these trips you will make to the places you want. Special yachts, which are a special opportunity for your programs that you will prepare according to your own plans, you will have the opportunity to realize the holidays of your dreams. While enjoying the sea with these yachts, which are quite comfortable, you will also find yourself in a different world with the comfort , and you will not be able to get enough of the peace and comfort. 


As part of your blue journey, we have gulets of different sizes  from 2 cabins to boats with 16 cabins and can offer boats with different budgets. We provide you with 3 different types of gulets that you can choose according to your needs:





There are many yacht rental options that you can choose from when it comes to a blue cruise. We has a large fleet of catamarans, but we offer rental services suitable for all your needs. At this point, it should be emphasized that our catamaran rental offers have different features compared to other options. In this direction, we can list the advantages that you can get by using our catamaran rental options as follows:

As we mentioned above, catamaran boats are lighter and therefore faster compared to other vehicles. This, in turn, extends your vacation to a wider route, allowing you to stop at a large number of bays and harbors.


Blue travel is the option of renting a motor yacht. we ensure  high-standard experience with the extremely luxurious and comfortable motor yacht rental facilities.  In addition to our expert and experienced staff in the sector, we ensure that you have a unique holiday with our up-to-date motorbeds in terms of equipment.
 Motor yachts that allow you to travel long distances in an extremely short time are ideal for your blue trips with wide routes. If you want to see many tourist areas more actively , you may consider using our options for renting a motor yacht.